Hello All
Week #2 of the journey of using Linkedin to help grow your business, hope you completed the tips from last week, but if you didn't I hope it was because you sold so much stuff you didn't have time to get to it.  
Here are your tips for this week:
Profile Tips--
Is your summary section BEEFIE?
         It should clearly outline your personal brand and "value ad" and get readers "jazzed up" about what you do.
         It should have specific specialities that are keyword rich and industry relevant
         Did you change the URL to your name instead of the random numbers and letters assigned by Linkedin
         Did you spell out things that you might normally abbreviate like CPA, UWM, etc.
         Consider using the Application feature to post a slide show or box application to post pdf's of what you do
Connection Tips--
Did you search all your colleges/colleagues for connections, this may take a while the first time but it is worth it!
Wildcard Tip or Question--
Did you check out the Learning Center on the Linkedin.com website.  There are lots of starter training tools including videos.