In the last couple years, LinkedIn has made several significant revisions to the functionality and content sections of your company page. For starters, they now simply call it a "page" rather than a "company page."

I'd like to share with you three of the most significant enhancements related to sharing information and news about your organization with the entire LinkedIn network, which is now over 690 million people.

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Here are three specific LinkedIn page action steps you should take right away to improve your exposure and engagement with your target audience.

Notify employees of your updates. Once a week you can now notify all of your employees about the most important update shared on your page. This notification appears in your employees' Notifications tab and should be an encouragement for them to share, like, or comment on the update, giving it a greater chance of being seen by a much wider audience.

As a page administrator, you simply click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the update you want to notify employees about, and then select Notify employees of post in the dropdown. All of your employees are then automatically notified.

Invite connections to follow your page. As page administrator, you can invite up to one hundred of your LinkedIn connections to follow your page each month. Don't let a month pass without taking this simple step to build your followers, which will increase the number of people who may see your updates each time you post.

Simply click the Admin Tools down arrow in the upper right-hand corner of your page, and choose Invite connections from the dropdown menu.

Add your tagline. LinkedIn has added a highly visible, 120-character Tagline section at the top of your page. If you have a tagline, this is a great place to include it—and if you include your company's most important keywords, you'll get more prequalified traffic to your page.

Just click the pencil icon in the middle of the top box on your page, and then add your very best 120 characters in the Tagline box.

Get busy and take these three LinkedIn page action steps, and you'll immediately improve your exposure and engagement with your target audience.

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