What an interesting week it has been.  I met all kinds of neat people and made some valuable connections.  For most of the week I was just starting to think that most people in these parts have an understanding of LinkedIn, but then I ran into another bunch that gave me the “blank stare” when I asked them if they are using LinkedIn.  I tell you this so that you can be encouraged about your progress along the LinkedIn learning continuum, and since we are on my weekly tips Volume 54, you are most likely worlds ahead of the majority of your world and, more importantly, your competitors. 

I hope that this week’s tips help you stay ahead.

Profile Tips

Webster’s definition of “experience” is “the fact or state of having been affected by or gained knowledge through direct observation or participation.”

Did you consider this when you wrote your Experience section for your profile?  You may be wondering where the heck is the Experience section on your profile; all you remember seeing is a Jobs section.  They are one and the same.  However, many of us have written them like they are just another jobs section on a resume instead of what LinkedIn had in mind when they not only decided to call it Experience but also when they gave us 2,000 characters for each job we have had.  I have to admit I need to work on some of my older jobs after thinking about “practicing what I preach,” but let me give you some practical advice to help you improve each and every one of your entries in the Experience section.

1.      Describe job duties in a way that will explain and add interest and credibility to your story, not just a list of things that you did.

2.      Be sure to include accomplishments that show your diversity of experience and the ability to get important stuff done.

3.      Describe the type of customers you served.

4.      Keywords, keywords, keywords.  By Week 54, you know the routine.

5.      Write this section in Word, check out the character count, run spell and grammar check, and then save and paste into your profile.

6.      Let some time pass; then go back and read the section and ask yourself this question:  “Does reading this inspire me to want to hire this person as an employee or as a vendor of choice?”

Is there a difference between the words “experience” and “jobs”?  You bet there is, and I hope you see that the Experience section of your profile is a strategic weapon many of us have been underutilizing thus far.

Connection Tips

LinkedIn has over 80 million members.  Do you want to know what number member you are?  Search your name, and then click on your profile, and you will see in the URL something like this:


This means that I was the 22,839,074th person to join LinkedIn.  So, other than interesting cocktail discussion fodder (not really that interesting), what am I supposed to do with that “fun fact to know and tell”?  This might be helpful to you if you are trying to ascertain whether someone is an active user on LinkedIn and thus would have a higher probability of being able to help you.  I sometimes think that the number of connections is the dead giveaway to answer this question, but sometimes that may not be the case.  It may just tell you that they are very selective in who they connect with for strategic reasons. 
Now you at least have another fact, how long they have been on LinkedIn, to try to come to your conclusion of how helpful that person could be for getting that introduction to someone they are connected to.

Wildcard Tip or Question

There is an article from CNN Money online that I highly recommend you read.  It is titled “How LinkedIn Will Fire Up Your Career.”  This article is not just for job-seekers but for any of us who want to get a perspective of how LinkedIn should be an ever-increasing part of our career branding strategy.  Here is the link:


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