Welcome Back, All:

As one of LinkedIn’s 80 million users, I sure hope you have seen a positive return during the past year as a result of your investment of time and increasing expertise. This week I have put together a set of tips that allow us to revisit some of the basics along with a great reader-contributed tip to close the message.


Profile Tips

From time to time you should consider performing a profile “checkup.” Some of us tend to think that once our profile is completed, it should need no further review. I would like to suggest that you look at it differently and think about updating your profile as an ongoing process. Here are the five things I would recommend you think about redoing or changing to be sure your profile remains current, relevant, and interesting.

1. Update your profile photo. 

2. Consider taking a new approach to your headline and adding a new, catchy phrase or interest statement. Don’t lose track of the importance of your keywords in this section.

3. Summary. Is there anything new in your business or industry since your last update?

4. Take a look at all of your entries for Experience (jobs), and upgrade a couple of the entries with more content and keywords.

5. When you can add keywords to a job title and still keep the integrity of the title, I would recommend doing so. LinkedIn gives extra search weighting to this.

Connection Tips

LinkedIn allows users with free accounts to have three saved searches, and I am still finding that many people are not taking advantage of this valuable opportunity. Do you have yours saved? If not, you might want to consider not only focusing on potential customers but expanding those searches to include vendors, employees, and other people who go to market in a similar timing and way that you do.

Wildcard Tip or Question

I was contacted the other day by someone who attended my class almost a year ago, and he gave me a tip I would like to pass along to all of you. He stated that right after the class, he really got going on LinkedIn, and for a few months he was on it all the time and making some headway. Then over the next few months, he got really busy and his efforts slowed down significantly. He soon realized that he was only looking at LinkedIn once every other week or so. So here is the tip: In order to bring back LinkedIn as a priority in his daily schedule, he changed the home page on his browser to the LinkedIn home page, and that has done the trick for him.

Miscellaneous News and Notes

Some of the other resources I provide are:

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