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How to Capitalize NOW on an Important Upcoming LinkedIn Change

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Get ready. LinkedIn has announced that changes are coming soon—a very important one being the makeup of the custom feed on your LinkedIn home page when viewing it on your computer. Note: This does not relate to the mobile app.  Here’s what they’ve said thus far: “Through the LinkedIn Feed, we are inspiring and informing professionals every day with the most relevant industry and trending news. We want professionals coming to LinkedIn daily to get the…Continue Reading »

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Really Working for You?

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“Before I meet someone for the first time, I send them a link to my profile. I think that—when we meet someone—the entire first meeting (as well as the rest of the relationship) is a confirmation (or correction) of our pre-existing expectations. I send my profile in advance because I think it will establish the right expectations. Looking at my LinkedIn profile is a lot like meeting me.” —Artie Isaac (Vistage chair, CEO coach, and  creativity…Continue Reading »

Here’s How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Engaging

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Engaging: very attractive or pleasing in a way that holds your attention (Merriam Webster Dictionary) Is your LinkedIn profile very attractive and pleasing (to your target audience) in a way that holds your (target audience’s) attention? To answer that question, you first need to clearly define your LinkedIn target audience. My free resource below, Finding Your Target Audience, will help you determine exactly who you want to reach. . How to make your profile more engaging After…Continue Reading »

Your LinkedIn Help is on the Way

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In my recent LinkedIn user survey, I asked: “What would you like to learn this year in my weekly emails?” There were more than 200 responses to this question, and I will address many of them right here in the upcoming months. However, quite a few of them can be answered easily by using one of these three resources: 1. My book, The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success, now in its 3rd edition 2. My…Continue Reading »

Here’s How to Make LinkedIn Part of Your 2017 Success Plan

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Are you starting to put your game plan together for 2017? Is LinkedIn part of that plan? If not, it’s probably because you don’t know exactly what to do each week to get results. Well, it’s your lucky day. I recently revised and updated my LinkedIn Game Plan for Success: Your One-Hour Weekly Playbook for Results. It’s received rave reviews from my recent audiences, and I know you’re going to love it, too. Start following these steps…Continue Reading »

Is There a Nonprofit Looking for You?


While preparing for a LinkedIn presentation later this month, I came upon a tip that I need to share with you right now! If you’re involved in a nonprofit in any way (volunteer, staff, board member, donor, etc.) or wish to get involved for the first time, this tip will be a home run for you. (If you’d like to catch the full LinkedIn Strategies for Nonprofits presentation later this month, you can register here to…Continue Reading »

7 Amazing but Hard-to-Find Free LinkedIn Features

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Most LinkedIn users (79% according to my latest LinkedIn user survey) are not paying anything to use the site. That’s why most of what I teach in my book, my online training course, and in my live corporate and individual sessions focuses on becoming a skillful user of the free account. Here are seven simple ways you can capitalize on powerful, hard-to-find LinkedIn features without spending a cent. 1.  Save Advanced People Searches. This is like…Continue Reading »

10 Simple Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Summary

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A well-executed elevator speech is a powerful business tool. During the time it takes for an average elevator ride, you need to sum up what your company makes or does and get your listener excited about it.  Your LinkedIn Summary section is similar to an elevator speech. Because it typically shows up near the top of your profile, it’s one of the first things a person sees when looking at your profile. It has also gained…Continue Reading »

Are You Spending Enough Time on LinkedIn to Get Results?

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Many of the best ideas in life never get implemented because there just isn’t enough time. I frequently make this comment in my closing remarks at LinkedIn speaking engagements: If my LinkedIn book came with a coupon in the back for an extra hour each day (a bonus 25th hour), I know that more of you would fully embrace many of the great features I just shared with you. Perhaps lack of time is one of your…Continue Reading »

Do You Want to Know the Top 2 Reasons to Use LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn has lots of potential uses, depending on who you are, what you do, who you want to meet, where you’re located, etc. But just what are the typical business functions most people say LinkedIn has helped them with? According to my latest LinkedIn user survey, the vast majority of respondents said two functions are far and away the most useful: . Research people and companies (77% of respondents) . Reconnect with past business associates/colleagues (71% of respondents)…Continue Reading »