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Is it Crazy or Crafty to Connect with Competitors on LinkedIn?

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I’m frequently asked Should I connect on LinkedIn with competitors? My quick answer is Are you nuts? Why would you want to hand over your database of prospects and customers to a competitor? However, because not all relationships are simple and one-dimensional (competitor or not a competitor), here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to connect with a “competitor.” . Is the identity of your customers already public knowledge? If it’s public knowledge, then connecting with competitors is not…Continue Reading »

Are You Still Confused by LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements?

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Happy 5th birthday, LinkedIn Skills! Yes, it has been five years since LinkedIn Skills appeared on your profile and probably caused a bit of confusion for you. Then a few years later the confusion ramped up when endorsements started showing up alongside your skills. And because LinkedIn started asking its members to endorse their connections, people began endorsing others for everything and anything—even skills we never added to our profile. And just when most of us…Continue Reading »

How to Discover if You’re Really a LinkedIn All-Star

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Congratulations! You’re an All-Star. If you received this message from LinkedIn, well, I hate to burst your balloon, but an All-Star profile rating has very little to do with how successful you’ll be on LinkedIn. And because of the significant profile changes that are part of the new desktop redesign, you need to rethink many of the profile strategies that have worked in the past. . Be sure to check out my special, limited time offer…Continue Reading »

Create a Targeted Prospect List on the New LinkedIn in 5 Minutes or Less

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Do you know that in five minutes the new LinkedIn can help you fill a virtual room with your perfect prospects and then add new prospects each week? And once you find them, their LinkedIn profiles will help you figure out the best way to meet them. To quickly get your highly targeted prospect list, just follow these simple steps. Let’s say you want to find the current managers of purchasing, procurement, etc. at three of…Continue Reading »

How to Use LinkedIn to Find Great Employees

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LinkedIn’s database includes almost half a billion professionals, and companies are beginning to capitalize on this massive database to find great employees. However, LinkedIn is not very user-friendly when using it for this purpose. LinkedIn’s simple solution is to purchase their Recruiter product—but Recruiter licenses come at an annual cost of $6,000 to $8,000 per user. Well, as a past CFO myself, I never really thought much of one-size-fits-all solutions, especially when they come with…Continue Reading »

How to Capitalize on LinkedIn’s New Accomplishments Section

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Your LinkedIn profile is all about keywords and telling your story in a way that will display your expertise, increase your credibility, and enhance your branding message. To help you do that LinkedIn has a new major profile section called Accomplishments. There are also several optional subsections, but I’ve noticed that most people don’t know they exist—probably because LinkedIn didn’t make it easy and/or intuitive to find them. You can add them by clicking the down…Continue Reading »

Did the New LinkedIn Wreak Havoc on Your Profile?

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Do you think the changes to your new profile are simply cosmetic? Wrong! Do you think LinkedIn had your personal best interest in mind when they revised how your profile looks or works? Sorry. Think again. Simply stated, LinkedIn hurt the effectiveness of your profile. I apologize for being the bearer of this bad news, but I do have some good news. Within 15-20 minutes, you can take these five simple steps to update your new…Continue Reading »

Here is a Hidden LinkedIn Feature I Know You’re Going to Love

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When I tell people about this incredible LinkedIn feature, most people say, “I didn’t know LinkedIn could do that!” As a matter of fact, I can’t even find where LinkedIn has a name for it; so I like to refer to it as the LinkedIn Keyword Treasure Chest. Let’s say you want to research search engine optimization. To access the treasure chest, go to If you have multiple words, like search engine optimization, be sure to try it with a…Continue Reading »

Get Results in Just 15 Minutes on the New LinkedIn

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Because of all the changes taking place on LinkedIn, people are frequently asking me what they should be doing each day for maximum LinkedIn success. So today I’m going to give you a 15-minute daily to do list. If you want more help with time management on LinkedIn, you can find many of these daily ideas—along with weekly, monthly and quarterly to do lists—in one of the most popular chapters in my book: Ready…Set…Go: A Six-Week,…Continue Reading »

You Better Not Miss this Killer Feature on the New LinkedIn

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LinkedIn continues to roll out the new desktop user interface, and you’re undoubtedly finding things you love and hate about the changes. I’ve found a new feature that is sure to help you become more efficient and effective on LinkedIn. It’s the Notifications tab. . Great information in the Notifications Tab You’ll find a treasure trove of useful information here. Simply click the Notifications tab on your top toolbar, and LinkedIn will give you not…Continue Reading »