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Are You Spending Enough Time on LinkedIn to Get Results?

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Many of the best ideas in life never get implemented because there just isn’t enough time. I frequently make this comment in my closing remarks at LinkedIn speaking engagements: If my LinkedIn book came with a coupon in the back for an extra hour each day (a bonus 25th hour), I know that more of you would fully embrace many of the great features I just shared with you. Perhaps lack of time is one of your…Continue Reading »

Do You Want to Know the Top 2 Reasons to Use LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn has lots of potential uses, depending on who you are, what you do, who you want to meet, where you’re located, etc. But just what are the typical business functions most people say LinkedIn has helped them with? According to my latest LinkedIn user survey, the vast majority of respondents said two functions are far and away the most useful: . Research people and companies (77% of respondents) . Reconnect with past business associates/colleagues (71% of respondents)…Continue Reading »

Are LinkedIn Groups Worthless or a Tremendous Opportunity?

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There are over two million LinkedIn groups, and, to be brutally honest with you, this LinkedIn feature has had its ups and downs over the years. But now that LinkedIn has completely revamped this feature and even added a separate App, as well as allowing users to now join 100 groups as opposed to 50 in prior years, how much time should you realistically devote to groups? In response to my recent LinkedIn user survey, let’s see…Continue Reading »

Do you Need 500+ Connections to be Successful on LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn connections are the gas in your tank. The more you have the further you’ll go, especially if the gas in your tank is “high octane” (strategic connections). To learn how to get more strategic LinkedIn connections, check out my article “Is Your LinkedIn Tank Filled with the Right Gas?”) But is there really something magical about having 500+ people in your network? The results of my latest LinkedIn user survey can help us answer that question. When…Continue Reading »

Should You Hide Your LinkedIn Connections?

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Should you let your 1st level connections see all of your other 1st level connections? Should you let them search into the entire list? This question can lead to a lively debate. Typical answers include: That’s not fair! Networking is about sharing and Of course, I hide them—that’s my client list! or You want to have your cake and eat it too if you hide them. But how many people are actually hiding their connections from their network? On my…Continue Reading »

Are You Curious What Others Are Doing on LinkedIn?


Over 900 people took the time to share their thoughts through my 2016 LinkedIn User Survey. Thank you! I’ve been gathering this type of information for eight years, and it’s extremely valuable to everyone who’s trying to successfully navigate the site and get real results. My awesome graphic designer, Kelly Wagner, did an amazing job of displaying the highlights of the survey results in an easy-to-read infographic titled Portrait of a LinkedIn User. In the next few weeks…Continue Reading »

Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn: Should You Worry?

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“Microsoft will acquire LinkedIn for $196 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $26.2 billion.” That was the announcement from officials at both companies on June 13, 2016. (The graphics shared in this article come from the official Slideshare announcement of the acquisition from the companies.) Since that date, hundreds of people have asked me what I think about the news and how it might impact them. Rather than immediately speculate on what this will…Continue Reading »

Not Sure What to Do on LinkedIn to Get Results?

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Your days are undoubtedly filled with lots of deadlines and to-do lists, and deciding what to do when is probably a challenge. But if you spend just 20 minutes each Monday morning on LinkedIn, you can reap big rewards. Pencil it into your weekly calendar like any other meeting–and it may become the most productive “meeting” of your week. . 5 simple tasks that lead to results These tasks are quick, easy, and sure to…Continue Reading »

Are You Taking Advantage of the Top Rated LinkedIn Feature?

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For the fourth year in a row, in response to my annual LinkedIn user survey, the most helpful LinkedIn feature is Who’s Viewed Your Profile, a/k/a “Who’s stalking you.” Over 71% of the respondents gave this feature a thumbs up. But are you taking full advantage of it? You can access this feature in the middle right of your home page by clicking the words # people viewed your profile in the past # day(s). If…Continue Reading »

Is Opportunity Knocking at Your LinkedIn Door?

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“How can I help you?” When you answer the door or the phone and aren’t sure what the person wants, this is undoubtedly the question you ask. But why aren’t you asking the same question when strangers ask you to join their LinkedIn network? Perhaps it’s because you aren’t really sure how to pose the question on LinkedIn or don’t understand the benefit of asking how you can help. Now, of course, some of the strangers are…Continue Reading »