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LinkedIn is Throwing a Party Just for You and Inviting People You Probably Want to Meet

Business group having a party

When I begin a LinkedIn consulting engagement, the first thing I typically ask is “Who do you want to meet?” After all, LinkedIn at its core is the largest database of business professionals ever assembled, and finding the right folks for you to meet, no matter the purpose, is one of its strong suits. I recently discovered a new, more effective way to find more of the right people on LinkedIn. The Advanced People Search and…Continue Reading »

Which of These LinkedIn Changes Did You Miss in the First Half of 2014?


Because it’s halftime 2014 and the past six months have included lots of changes on LinkedIn, I’ve put together a summary of the significant changes. I’ve categorized them and ordered them from “best” to “bummer” based on my opinion of the significance of each change. And I’ve also shared with you my two cents about each LinkedIn feature that’s been added, deleted or changed. If you’re interested in a deeper dive into any of the changes, just…Continue Reading »

Who Better to Give You LinkedIn Tips Than LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner?

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 6.49.26 AM

I love getting insights from the person at the top of an organization, don’t you? And who better to share with you how you should be using LinkedIn than “The Man” himself, LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner. So take three minutes to view this portion of an interview with him. It goes from 5:35 to 8:37, and it should be queued up at 5:35. Excerpts of the Weiner interview Below I’ve included portions of Jeff’s responses…Continue Reading »

What’s the Buzz? Your Network’s Recent LinkedIn Activity Feed

viewing linkedin updates

Yesssssss.   LinkedIn brought back a feature that I’ve really been missing, but they haven’t made it easy to find it this time around. The feature is the activity feed, which you can look through when you’re viewing someone’s profile. So, what is it, how do you find it, why was I missing it, and how can it help you? . What is a person’s recent activity feed? This is a chronological display of some…Continue Reading »

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Going the Wrong Direction?

linkedin profile direction

Does your LinkedIn profile feel more like a resume (backward focused) or a business plan (forward focused)? If you answered “resume,” consider this question: If you had only a few minutes with a person with whom you may want to build a future business relationship, would you spend more time on your past or where you are trying to go?  And this applies to job seekers as well. With these thoughts in mind, I want…Continue Reading »

How to Build Your LinkedIn Company Marketing Machine

linkedin company branding

Over 3.7 million companies have company pages on LinkedIn. If your company doesn’t have one, you can get started by clicking here. But that’s not the company marketing machine I’m referring to. I’m talking about coordinating all the employees at your company to have a consistent branding message relating to your company on each of their personal LinkedIn profiles. So, what would that coordination look like? It starts with creating LinkedIn profile guidelines (a/k/a best…Continue Reading »

5 Things Successful LinkedIn Users Do on Monday Morning…in just 20 minutes

linkedin to dos, linkedin time management

Do you want to see your LinkedIn efforts start paying off, week after week, on a consistent basis? Of course, you do.  Then start by scheduling an appointment with your LinkedIn account each Monday morning and get these important things done in just 20 minutes. 1.  Review “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” and reach out to the people you should be meeting (4 minutes). Viewing your profile is the equivalent of walking into your store, so…Continue Reading »

Is Your Boss a LinkedIn Hater? Gotcha Covered.


This week I want to help a very special group of loyal LinkedIn users. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking maybe this group should start a LinkedIn group that could be called something like “My Boss Hates LinkedIn Users Group.” I’m speaking to those of you who have found ways to be more effective in your job using LinkedIn, but perhaps your direct supervisor is questioning the amount of time you’re allocating to LinkedIn because…Continue Reading »

LinkedIn Search Ranking: How You Can Get to the Top of the List

linkedin search ranking

I’m asked this question frequently, and it’s a very important one in my opinion: Q:  How do I get to the top of a LinkedIn search? A:  Simple. You have to make sure you are connected at the first level to ALL the people that might be searching for you. Okay, so the concept may be simple, but it’s really not practical to actually pull it off. That being said, the important concept is the relationship…Continue Reading »

LinkedIn’s New Publishing Platform: Are you a Player or a Pretender?

linkedin publishing platform

As you have probably already heard by now, LinkedIn recently opened its publishing platform to all members. Previously this was only available to a handpicked group of industry experts selected by LinkedIn. I am really excited about the opportunity this provides for every single LinkedIn member. You can now showcase your expertise in long-form articles (i.e., blog posts) for not only your network to read but for the whole world to read. What a great…Continue Reading »