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Does Your LinkedIn Account Need to be Tightened Down?


The LinkedIn Privacy & Settings section has a new look and feel. If you haven’t noticed it yet, I suggest you take a little tour to check things out. The changes aren’t earth shattering, but there are some changes in functionality. Therefore, I think it’s time to address simple ways to adjust your settings, because time is money, and you’ll have more success if you can avoid spending time on the least important elements of LinkedIn…Continue Reading »

10 Best LinkedIn Secrets & How You Can Leverage Them


With all the LinkedIn changes recently, even a full-time LinkedIn guy like me can get confused. Thus, I think it’s time to share with you ten of the best and oftentimes hard-to-find LinkedIn features. But first let me invite you to join me for a FREE live video streaming event this Tuesday (4/26/2016) from 8:30am-9:45am CT. I will be presenting in front of a live audience in Madison, Wisconsin all ten features as well as examples, testimonials,…Continue Reading »

Do You Know the Formula for Successfully Marketing Your Company on LinkedIn?

marketing concept with financial elements hand drawn on blackboa

Over 8.7 million companies have LinkedIn company pages, and that’s a great place to start. But the road to real corporate marketing potential begins with company employees presenting a consistent branding message on their personal LinkedIn profiles. But if you’re company management, how can you help your employees share the responsibility for promoting your company’s products or services? It starts with creating LinkedIn best practices guidelines and sharing them with all employees. The guidelines should…Continue Reading »

Have You Ever Called on the LinkedIn Dynamic Duo?


I just saw the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It takes me back to my childhood when I was an avid Batman comic book reader/collector. But you’re probably wondering what in the world does Batman have to do with LinkedIn? Has Wayne finally lost his marbles? Actually, I’m just fine–at least I think so–but here’s the connection. This week I’m going to share with you what I fondly refer to as LinkedIn’s dynamic…Continue Reading »

Find Out What Others Are Doing on LinkedIn

Stop leaving us in the dark

When I jump into something new, different or confusing (like LinkedIn), I often wonder how other people are using it and how can it help me improve myself or my business. And that’s why I launched my LinkedIn User Survey way back in 2009. Over the past seven years, I have shared with you, my treasured audience, answers to questions like these (2015 results are in red): . What percent of the LinkedIn users are…Continue Reading »

Stuck on What to Include on Your LinkedIn Profile?


Should I put [fill in the blank] on my LinkedIn profile? I’m asked this question several times each week. I always answer I don’t know, which usually comes as a surprise to them and probably to you as well. After all, I’m the expert! What I really mean is I can’t answer that confidently until I understand what someone plans to accomplish on LinkedIn. If you’re unsure about whether you should put something on your…Continue Reading »

10 Common LinkedIn Mistakes You Can Fix in Just 10 Minutes

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If someone views your LinkedIn profile, does it look like you’re an experienced user or an inexperienced newbie? As a LinkedIn consultant and speaker, I look at hundreds of profiles each week, and many of them are downright embarrassing. But the good news is that most of the mistakes can be fixed in just a few minutes. However, before you make these changes, you may want to slide your Update Notification toggle to “No” so you…Continue Reading »

Just How Confused Are You About LinkedIn Endorsements?


Even though it’s over three years since LinkedIn launched the Skills feature and related endorsements of those skills, it’s one of the most confusing and misunderstood LinkedIn profile sections. So, here are ten facts and tips to help you maximize your use of the LinkedIn Skills & Endorsements section on your profile. 1.  You can only receive endorsements from 1st level connections and for skills you have acknowledged you possess. If you receive a message…Continue Reading »

Do You Need to Get Your LinkedIn Connections More Organized?


LinkedIn has a simple and easy-to-use tool built right into the site that will help you organize your connections. It’s called the Relationship feature. It sits at the top of each first-level connection’s profile, but many people have not discovered it. You can use it to save notes, filter, and even set follow-up reminders. If you’re using Outlook, ACT, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. for doing these functions, make sure you’re downloading your connections and exporting some of the…Continue Reading »

Are Your LinkedIn Messages Inadvertently Causing Hard Feelings?

Overhaul Modernization concept on the gearwheels

By now you’ve probably discovered that the LinkedIn messaging system received a significant overhaul last fall–and most people appear to be unhappy about the change. In the past, when LinkedIn has heard the clamor of the crowd, they’ve sometimes chosen to abandon the new and revert back to the “old way.” So far that hasn’t happened with the messaging system, but I’m hoping they’ll eventually see the light on this one. . Are you making…Continue Reading »