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Not Sure What to Do on LinkedIn to Get Results?

Blue Monday? Meeting marked on calendar at start of week

Your days are undoubtedly filled with lots of deadlines and to-do lists, and deciding what to do when is probably a challenge. But if you spend just 20 minutes each Monday morning on LinkedIn, you can reap big rewards. Pencil it into your weekly calendar like any other meeting–and it may become the most productive “meeting” of your week. . 5 simple tasks that lead to results These tasks are quick, easy, and sure to…Continue Reading »

Are You Taking Advantage of the Top Rated LinkedIn Feature?

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.39.30 AM

For the fourth year in a row, in response to my annual LinkedIn user survey, the most helpful LinkedIn feature is Who’s Viewed Your Profile, a/k/a “Who’s stalking you.” Over 71% of the respondents gave this feature a thumbs up. But are you taking full advantage of it? You can access this feature in the middle right of your home page by clicking the words # people viewed your profile in the past # day(s). If…Continue Reading »

Is Opportunity Knocking at Your LinkedIn Door?

Businesswoman knocking on office door

“How can I help you?” When you answer the door or the phone and aren’t sure what the person wants, this is undoubtedly the question you ask. But why aren’t you asking the same question when strangers ask you to join their LinkedIn network? Perhaps it’s because you aren’t really sure how to pose the question on LinkedIn or don’t understand the benefit of asking how you can help. Now, of course, some of the strangers are…Continue Reading »

Are the Right People Viewing Your LinkedIn Profile?


When the right people look at your profile, I like to call it a marketing event with someone in your target audience. And if you’re like me, you want lots of these marketing events, because they can turn into real opportunities if you follow up appropriately. There are lots of ways to improve the number of profile views you receive, but the easiest way is to look at other people’s profiles, because a good percentage of…Continue Reading »

Is a Bigger Network Really Better on LinkedIn? [Video]


Recently I’ve begun sharing valuable LinkedIn tips via video on Periscope and on my Facebook page. I encourage you to follow me on Periscope and/or like my Facebook page so you don’t miss a single episode–plus you can participate by asking questions. In one of my recent videos (see below), I answered the always popular question, “Is a bigger LinkedIn network really better?” The video runs for just 10:17. If you’d like to read a detailed article covering…Continue Reading »

Unsure How to Handle Multiple Current Jobs on Your LinkedIn Profile?

Varied occupations together:architect and call center

Several times each week I’m asked, “I currently have two jobs” [sometimes related, sometimes unrelated]. “Should I have two LinkedIn profiles?”   The answer is simple: No. As a matter of fact, it’s against the LinkedIn User Agreement. But how you list the two jobs depends on your LinkedIn strategy. To help you understand your options, let me take you through several multiple-job scenarios and show you how you can get the results you desire and avoid confusing people…Continue Reading »

It’s Simple for You to Get Results Using LinkedIn. Here’s How.


According to my latest LinkedIn user survey, only 23 percent of respondents said LinkedIn has helped them generate identifiable business opportunities. As far as I’m concerned, that just stinks! That’s why it’s my daily mission to help you start using LinkedIn to find and build new relationships that lead to more business. To clarify, this doesn’t mean simply selling more products and services. It includes: . Finding more donors and volunteers for your nonprofit Increasing…Continue Reading »

Does Your LinkedIn Account Need to be Tightened Down?


The LinkedIn Privacy & Settings section has a new look and feel. If you haven’t noticed it yet, I suggest you take a little tour to check things out. The changes aren’t earth shattering, but there are some changes in functionality. Therefore, I think it’s time to address simple ways to adjust your settings, because time is money, and you’ll have more success if you can avoid spending time on the least important elements of LinkedIn…Continue Reading »

10 Best LinkedIn Secrets & How You Can Leverage Them


With all the LinkedIn changes recently, even a full-time LinkedIn guy like me can get confused. Thus, I think it’s time to share with you ten of the best and oftentimes hard-to-find LinkedIn features. But first let me invite you to join me for a FREE live video streaming event this Tuesday (4/26/2016) from 8:30am-9:45am CT. I will be presenting in front of a live audience in Madison, Wisconsin all ten features as well as examples, testimonials,…Continue Reading »

Do You Know the Formula for Successfully Marketing Your Company on LinkedIn?

marketing concept with financial elements hand drawn on blackboa

Over 8.7 million companies have LinkedIn company pages, and that’s a great place to start. But the road to real corporate marketing potential begins with company employees presenting a consistent branding message on their personal LinkedIn profiles. But if you’re company management, how can you help your employees share the responsibility for promoting your company’s products or services? It starts with creating LinkedIn best practices guidelines and sharing them with all employees. The guidelines should…Continue Reading »