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Does Your LinkedIn Profile Need a Boost? Add Media!

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Media can be the great differentiator. It can take your LinkedIn profile from ho-hum to phenomenal–and compel viewers to contact you about your products and services, job opportunities, and more. My recent LinkedIn User Survey showed that only 39% of the respondents are taking advantage of this powerful profile feature. Don’t tell anyone at LinkedIn that I said this, but I think it’s so good that they could probably charge for it. In a nutshell, prominently displaying media…Continue Reading »

Are You Wasting Your Valuable Time on LinkedIn?

Time Management Concept

Do you ever jump on LinkedIn to check your messages, and the next thing you know you’ve spent thirty, sixty or even ninety minutes, but you’re not really sure if you’ve accomplished anything?   Today I’d like to address time management, because people are constantly asking me how much time they should spend and how can they make sure their efforts get results. How much time should I spend on LinkedIn? There’s no cookie-cutter answer…Continue Reading »

Does LinkedIn Really Get Better When You Pay For It?


Is it worth it to start paying for a premium LinkedIn account? I can always count on hearing this question during the Q&A portion of my LinkedIn presentations. Since the pricing and options changed in January 2015, I think it’s time to address this once again. How many people are currently paying for LinkedIn? The results from my latest LinkedIn user survey show that only 18% of us are paying for our LinkedIn experience. That number…Continue Reading »

[Infographic] Are You Taking Advantage of the Top Rated LinkedIn Features?

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If you were one of the nearly 1500 people who took the time to participate in my 2015 LinkedIn user survey, thank you! In the next few weeks I will share with you my observations about the results and give you some strategies to help you capitalize on what I’ve learned. Let’s start with the LinkedIn features people have found to be the most useful. The number in parentheses is the percentage of respondents who…Continue Reading »

8 Fast Ways to Generate More LinkedIn Leads

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You’ve optimized your LinkedIn profile. You’ve mastered the art of searching on LinkedIn. But you’re still not getting the dramatic results that other people are reporting. What else can you do to tap into LinkedIn’s goldmine of opportunity? Here are eight fast ways to improve your LinkedIn lead generation. 1.  Status updates. Share status updates regularly, and include links to resources from your company and other industry leaders. 2.  Landing page. Design a separate landing page…Continue Reading »

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Produce More Leads

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When people discover your LinkedIn profile, you obviously want to make a great first impression–and if you include the right information, they’ll be encouraged to contact you. Here are some simple but powerful ways to enhance your profile. . Headline. You can include 120 characters in your Headline. This is the first thing people see, so be creative and use keywords. Consider including a call to action. . Summary and Advice for Contacting. Include your…Continue Reading »

Easy Ways to Generate Leads With LinkedIn

Lead Generation

Generating leads using LinkedIn is a very hot topic, but most users don’t know the tips and tricks to capitalize on LinkedIn’s vast potential. However, with a little know-how, LinkedIn will automatically serve up a list of targets who meet your exact criteria (e.g., customers, vendors, donors, employees, strategic partners, experts, etc.) . 5 easy steps to find prequalified leads Two of my favorite LinkedIn features are Advanced People Search and Saved Search. Here’s how to…Continue Reading »

8 LinkedIn Profile Strategies That Will Make a BIG Difference


LinkedIn is constantly changing, and you need to capitalize on those changes. Sometimes this is easy to do, but other times you’ll need new strategies and workarounds to make the most of these updates. Here are eight simple tips to help you quickly capitalize on some of LinkedIn’s newest features and options. Reorder your profile entries.  You can move profile sections up or down within your profile for increased emphasis, and you can also rearrange…Continue Reading »

How Many of These LinkedIn Mistakes Are YOU Making?


This past week I presented a keynote address titled Personal Branding Using Social Media Tools. After the presentation, someone asked me What are some of the biggest mistakes people are making on LinkedIn? I made a few quick comments but promised I would get back to him with a more thoughtful list. So, in the interest of helping you as well, I’m making this the topic of my weekly tip. . 1. Punctuation and grammar mistakes…Continue Reading »