Hello, Everyone:

I thought I would share a fun one with you to start today’s tips.  You know how I love to say “load your Specialties section with keywords”?  Take a look at this.  I found it on a person’s actual profile on LinkedIn.

Attacking "business as usual," Oil Companies, Good Old Boy Networks, Government waste, Earmarks, and Pork Barrels. Strong experience within the Executive Branch of Government.

Did you figure out whose profile this is?  Well, it is Sarah Palin’s profile, and she reportedly joined LinkedIn in order to begin networking for her new job.  I can tell you she needs to come to my class.  I could teach her a thing or two about a good profile.

I hope you find some serious help here in my Week 36 Tips.

Profile Tips

Have you gotten in the habit of reviewing the profile of a person you are going to meet or talk to on the phone before that first contact?  I am hearing lots of great success stories relating to this technique.  It really is a can’t miss not only for business developers but for job interviewers as well.

Connection Tips

I know I consistently speak of the Introduction function as being just one of the many effective ways that LinkedIn helps you connect with people you want to meet by using the connections you already have.  However, I don’t think I have ever talked about another available tool, and that is the “Forward This Profile” function.  You find this on the top right of everyone’s profile.  If you click it on, you can forward this profile to one of your first-level connections with a short message.  Then you can follow up with either a phone call or email stating just what you would like your connection to do for you as it relates to that person you want to find out information about or meet.

This is just one more way to try to meet virtually on LinkedIn once your searching has found a good potential contact.

Wildcard Tip or Question

Is your company profile set up to maximize its effectiveness?  Here are some ideas to make sure:

1.  Does the description do a good job of explaining what you do?

2.  Does the description in the general profile and the Specialties section have the keywords by which you want to be found?

3.  Have you uploaded your logo?

4.  Have you loaded in the financial or other data that you are willing to share with the public?

5.  Consider looking at some of your competitors in order to see how they are describing what they do.

The company profile is a great way for a business, especially a small to midsize business, to do a good job of looking just like all the “big boys,” which is one of the benefits of everything on the internet.  It really levels the playing field.  Don’t miss this opportunity.

Miscellaneous News and Notes--

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Hope you have some fun with your efforts on LinkedIn this week, whether that be cutting “pork” or selling furniture or whatever you are trying to accomplish.


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