LinkedIn has given all of its users a very special but hard to find gift, and most people are not taking advantage of it.

So, what is this special gift?

It is an additional 100 characters in what I consider to be the most important section of your profile—your headline. Historically this section has been limited to just 120 characters (including spaces), and now you can enter 220 characters—but only if you use the LinkedIn mobile app to enter your headline.

That is 83 percent more space to clearly tell your audience what you do and add more keywords to improve your LinkedIn search ranking.

Personally, this allowed me to feature in my headline an additional LinkedIn service I provide, "1 on 1 LinkedIn Strategy & Profile Consultations." Ka-Ching!

How to get this special gift

Download the LinkedIn app for your iOS or Android device. Get more info here.

Open the LinkedIn app, click on your photo in the top left-hand corner of your home page; then click the pencil to the right of your photo on your profile page.

Add to your existing headline or enter a new one (up to 220 characters, including spaces).

Click Save, and your new, expanded headline will then be visible to LinkedIn users not only when they're using the LinkedIn app but on the desktop as well.

If you need additional help with your headline (including several great examples of well-written LinkedIn headlines), download my FREE Definitive Worksheet to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Headline here:


Download (PDF, 669KB)