This week I want to share with you a resource I have been using when I help companies get all of their employees up to speed quickly so we can move on to LinkedIn strategies for their specific organization. This is typically a homework assignment each employee completes, but most companies provide some direction as it relates to relevant keywords and company description.  

I hope you will find it to be a good checkup of your LinkedIn status as you begin to implement your goals for the new year.checklist

If you need more information on any of these items, my book covers these areas in more detail and explains the thoughts and strategies behind these recommendations.  

With regard to keywords, these are the basic words that describe your skills, products, brands, expertise, etc. Once you have listed your keywords at the top, be sure to include them in all other sections where you see KW.

I have also included character limits when important.  

Let's see how you do!  

LinkedIn Checkup Worksheet

Keywords (KW)







Complete all LinkedIn Required Steps for 100% Completion

  • Name and Current Position (25%)
  • Picture (5%)
  • Summary (5%)  2,000 characters max
  • Specialties (5%)  500 characters max
  • Education (15%)
  • Past Job 1 (15%)  Title 100 characters max, Description 2000 characters max
  • Past Job 2 (15%)
  • Recommendation 1 (5%)
  • Recommendation 2 (5%)
  • Recommendation 3 (5%)


Complete Profile to Best Practice Levels

  • Edit Headline (120 character max) (KW)
  • Add three websites and describe them.  36 characters for description max
  • Edit Public Profile URL to as close to your real name as possible
  • Include in Summary the standard company paragraph (KW)
  • Include keywords in Specialties (KW)
  • Edit current job titles to be "Title- (Specializing in KW)" 100 characters max
  • Edit current job description to include standard company paragraph (KW)
  • Add Skills section to profile (KW)
  • Add files application
  • Add SlideShare application
  • Add Google Presentation (Video)
  • Obtain ten recommendations from current customers (KW)


First Level Connections: At least 100, but have a goal of at least 250

Join at least 15 LinkedIn groups, but have a goal of joining the max of 50 



Did you pass your checkup?  If not, don't be discouraged, but set realistic goals to complete these steps. Then you will be ready to not only play the LinkedIn game in 2012 but win it!