Before I get to this week's tip that is sure to pay big dividends for all LinkedIn users, I want to talk specifically to those of you who are in the world of waking up every day with the privilege of growing your own business either because you own your own entity or your major daily responsibility (and in turn your pay plan) is based on discovering ways to find new relationships that will lead to more sales.

I hope by now you realize LinkedIn is probably the best new tool for doing this that has come along in years, but is the time and effort you spend on LinkedIn REALLY helping you grow your business?

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What I have for you this week is surely one of the big time underutilized features on LinkedIn -- Search Status Updates -- or what some refer to as LinkedIn Signal. Basically this is your ability to search for people's status updates based on keywords and then filter those conversations by the person's location, company, industry, etc. Think of it as your ability to see who is talking on LinkedIn about the things that are important to you either around the world or in your town. You now have access to ALL the status updates posted on LinkedIn, not simply those of your first-level network.   

linkedin videoI have prepared this helpful video on how to find and use Search Status Updates. But before you watch it, think of the keywords you might use to do your own searches. You could try:

  • your name
  • your company name
  • your industry
  • your competitors' names
  • your key employees' names
  • your competitors' key employees
  • your products
  • your specialized processes
  • your school
  • companies you may want to work at
  • celebrities
  • anything else you can think of

Have fun searching!

Linkedin Tutorial- Signal (Search Status Updates)
Linkedin Tutorial- Signal (Search Status Updates)