Your LinkedIn company page is a great outlet to share, influence, educate, and attract your target audience--but only after people make the choice to "follow" your company. 


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In the meantime, here are...


10 Simple Ways to Get More LinkedIn Company Page Followers


1.  Install a LinkedIn Company "Follow" Button follow me on your website and blog.


2.  Ask people to "follow" your company in your other channels of corporate communication (mail, email, newsletters, advertising, etc.). And it's kind of lame to simply say, "Please follow our company page on LinkedIn." Instead, share with them what's in it for them.  


For instance, explain what interesting information you are going to make available to followers, like special promotions, job postings, articles, video, checklists, events, etc.


3.  Get more employees from your company to join LinkedIn, and be sure they list your company as their current employer. Your company logo will then show up on their profile, and it will click through to your company page.  


4.  Show your employees how to include a link to your company page in their email signature.


5.  Discuss with all employees the importance of "liking" and/or "sharing" status updates that come from your company page. Your company's updates will then go to each employee's network. More views = more followers. (Note: Employees are automatically followers of their employer's company page.) 


6.  Mention and link your company page on your other social media platforms.


7.  "Follow" other companies on LinkedIn, and "share" and/or "like" their status updates. Clients, potential clients, and industry experts are a great place to start. And don't be surprised if a good share of them follow you back.


8.  Refer to your company page when interacting with people in your LinkedIn industry groups. 


9.  Share good, helpful resources and information via company status updates on a consistent basis. If you do this well, over time you will acquire lots of followers. 


Currently on my company page you can get not only a link to several of my weekly blog posts, but you can download these two terrific documents:  


  • Don't Whine About LinkedIn's Changes: Capitalize on Them!


If you are the page administrator of a LinkedIn company page, click the paper clip icon to attach a document to your status update. attachment icon 


Not sure what to share? Download this awesome reference sheet from LinkedIn: "Engage Your Followers with Company Status Updates."  


10. Attract new followers by offering unique ebook cover content. 


For example, beginning March 18th, I am going to share with my company followers my first eBook: "10 LinkedIn Mistakes Companies Make." 


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