With at least forty weeks “under your belt” now in using Linkedin, I hope you are continuing to revise and improve not only your profile but your Linkedin strategy as well. With this week’s tips, I am confident that you will find nuggets of improvement/revision. So let’s get started.

Profile Tips

Websites - Your “Link to Future Opportunities” - Part 2

I hope that last week’s tip got you thinking about this most important part of your profile, the Website section, and just how you might be able to more effectively use what I like to refer to as “Link to Your Future Opportunities.”

 Here are some thought starters and my comments for just how you might want to use these three “hotlinks,” and don’t forget to change the name as talked about last week.

  1. The home page of your company website - of course, this should be first.
  2. Your company’s e-mail signup page on your website - build your database.
  3. Any articles, customer testimonials, case studies that are on your company website - Expertise is what the Linkedin profile is all about. This is just another way to show it.
  4. Videos that you have posted on your company website, other websites or YouTube showing products, presentations, testimonials - Video is really hot and getting hotter. Get your Flip Camera and get going. People love seeing and hearing other people.
  5. Link to either a completed survey of industry matters or an ongoing survey that you need more opinions - People love data and being a part of the data group.
  6. Websites of related organizations, associations, industry groups - You can promote your involvement and at the same time help that group as well.
  7. Your blog - if you are writing content that is important to some of your Linkedin audience, this is really a “power tool” in your journey of being the most credible person in your space.
  8. Your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flicker or other social media accounts - great as long as you continue to follow a similar professional level of content and feel.
  9. The website of your favorite charitable organization - shows the kind of things you are interested in as well as helps that group you really care about.

In order to increase the traffic to these sites or links and to increase understanding, you may want to tell the reader of your profile “what these links are all about” in the Summary section, which appears just below this section. Connection Tips When was the last time you ran a list of names and e-mails into the “Imported Contact” function to look for more connections? Consider doing this for customer list, association list, chamber list, alumni list, and attendee list, just to name a few ideas. Most people don’t realize they can import specific lists that go beyond your Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo mail, ACT, Goldmine, etc.

Wildcard Tip or Question

Wondering what is going on from a business standpoint with Linkedin? Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, addresses some of these questions in a Reuter’s article at: http://ca.reuters.com/article/technologyNews/idCATRE5AO0YY20091125.

 The bottom line is IPO is probably coming but not in the near future. There are also several YouTube videos of Reid speaking about the business side of this tough industry and what Linkedin’s approach is to making money. We’ve all got to do that now, don’t we!

Miscellaneous News and Notes--

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Have a connections-filled week.


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