“What an Incredible Event”

Jason Fordu
Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Cleveland
Greater Cleveland area

As learning chair of EO Cleveland, I recently brought Wayne in to town to conduct a three-hour workshop on LinkedIn with our members. Resoundingly, everyone walked away saying “what an incredible event.” Most were overwhelmed with the amount of take-away value they received that they could apply in their businesses immediately.

Wayne connected with everyone extremely well. He speaks from a point of view that’s easy for most to relate to, breaks down and delivers the content and value in a very practical way, and exudes an energy and passion for the topics he’s expert in. If anyone questions the value of social media in their business, or wants to learn more about how it can be applied as a valuable tool, go get Wayne!

I also had the privilege of enjoying a personal dinner with Wayne – he’s a really good person too!